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Arizona Diamondbacks Baseball Hat, Stuff

The Arizona Diamondbacks where a .500 team in 2012 and are trying to rebuild with young talent. In the off season the traded away super star Justin Upton to the Atlanta Braves to rebuild for future years. In 2013 and future years to come the Diamondbacks have a first basemen who could be there for awhile, Paul Goldschmidt. Goldschmidt displayed both speed and power as a rookie knocking 20 HR and 18 SB. Paul Goldschmidt is a power hitter and this will not be his first 20 HR season, you can put that in your big book.
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Arizona Diamondbacks
2012 Season

Overall: 81-81
vs NL West: 38-34

ERA Wade Miley 3.33
BA A. Hill .302
HR J. Kubel 30
RBI J. Kubel 90
R J. Upton 107
OPS A. Hill .882
W W. Miley 16
SO I. Kennedy 187
SV J. Putz 32
WHIP W. Miley 1.18

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